Layer0 is all about putting power in the hands of developers and our documentation is no different. The source code for the Layer0 developer docs (i.e. this site you're reading now) is in an open repository on GitHub and we welcome feedback and pull requests. If you've found a typo or a better way to explain something, please submit a pull request or file an issue! Others will likely stumble over the same problem and benefit from your insight.

To run the Layer0 docs on your machine, first clone the repository locally,

git clone

Then install the dependencies:

cd layer0-docs
npm install

Next, start the Next.js dev server locally,

npm start

Finally, visit the site in your browser at

Layer0 docs is a simple Next.js application running on Layer0 (yes we dogfood). The content is stored as pages called "guides". Each guide is a Markdown file located in the guides folder and guides.json controls the navigation menu for reaching the guides.

If you need to modify an existing guide, you can use the guides.json file to locate the corresponding Markdown file to edit. If your contribution needs its own guide, you'll need to create a new Markdown file in the guides folder and add a reference to it in guides.json.

We recommend the following process for submitting a change:

  1. Fork the Layer0 Docs repository on GitHub via the web interface.
  2. Clone the repo and make sure you can run the docs locally.
  3. Make your amazing edit — even a typo fix is an amazing edit!
  4. Commit and push your change back to your fork on GitHub.
  5. Submit a pull request back to the Layer0 Docs repository via GitHub web interface.

For more details, the Pro Git book has a helpful contributing guide that walks you through the process of submitting a pull request to an open source repository on GitHub.

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