This guide covers the headers that Layer0 injects into requests making them visible to your server code.

  • x-request-id: unique request ID on Layer0 which may optinally be provided by you when issuing the requests to Layer0
  • x-0-client-ip: client IP from which the request originated or first IP in x-forwarded-for is already present (which may happen when Layer0 is behind another CDN).
  • x-0-destination: the routing destination as determined by traffic splitting rules if any; the name of the destinations are taken from Layer0 router code and if not specified then default is default
  • x-0-original-qs: contains the original query string if custom caching rules exclude query strings for the matching route; otherwise not set
  • x-0-protocol: the protocol on which the connection to your site has been established; it can either be https or http; see more details here

User agent headers are headers that Layer0 derives by analyzing the received user-agent request header.

  • x-0-device: device type which can be smartphone, tablet, mobile (feature phones) or desktop
  • x-0-vendor: vendor of the device which can be apple, android or generic
  • x-0-device-is-bot: flag indicating a bot device (0 for not identified as bot, 1 for identified as bot)
  • x-0-browser: browser type which can be chrome, safari, firefox, opera, edge, msie or generic

These values are provided as best effort as user agent, especially adversarial ones, can control the values by which we determine the values above.

Geolocation headers contain the geographical information about the provenance of the request. They are based on the IP of the actual request or, if overriding need is presented, on the content of x-0-client-ip request header.

  • x-0-geo-country-code: two letter country code from which the request originated
  • x-0-geo-city: the name of the city from which the request originated
  • x-0-geo-postal-code: the ZIP or postal code from which the request originated
  • x-0-geo-latitude: the geographical latitude from which the request originated
  • x-0-geo-longitude: the geographical longitude from which the request originated

These values are provided as best effort as Layer0 cannot guarantee that client IP to geographical location is always accurate.

  • x-0-preload: Will be "1" if the request originated from Static Prerendering. Otherwise this header will not be present.
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